Kids ages 3-17
nationwide have developmental disabilities
Students in Tulsa County
with moderate to severe special needs
Special Needs Families
disconnected from or unable to attend church
Private K12 schools
offer academic program and community for moderate to severe special needs families
Special needs families are one of the largest

OVERLOOKED & UNREACHED people groups in the United States

  • Special needs families & students struggle with isolation, loneliness, and discouragement.
  • Young adults with special needs often have difficulty finding meaningful work or roles in their local community.
  • Churches lack training in ministering to special needs families.
  • Public school districts often lack resources for special needs education.
  • Public education is unable to adequately address the spiritual and socio-emotional wellbeing of special needs kids and families.


Our Solution

Our Solution
King’s Grove School is PROVIDING A SOLUTION by offering faith-based, therapeutic, whole-person education and community for special needs students and families.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy
Insured Oklahoma 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Moderate to severe special needs students ages 6-21. Christian education focused on developing the whole person. Integrated therapy with licensed therapists and qualified teachers. Family respite, support, and friendships. Equipping local churches and communities

Our Mission

Our Mission
OUR MISSION is helping students with moderate to severe special needs fulfill their true learning potential and discover their place in God’s kingdom and their communities.


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